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Case Study: Revenue Assurance for MSO

Fortune 500 MSO with operations in multiple states

DataLinx identified various Revenue Assurance issues during the discovery phase of this project. These included:
• Lost revenue, capital costs and network access fees due to unbilled lines in the switches
• Discrepancies between provisioned features and billed packages, plans, and features including special audits for voicemail and distinctive rings
• Data Integrity Issues (within systems and across system hand-offs) including:

• Duplicate telephone numbers (TN) in billing (usage may be billed to wrong account)
• Directory number is different from telephone number (411 calls could be routed incorrectly)
• Telephone numbers that have more than one package (incorrect Monthly Recurring Charge/rating of usage)
• Variances in billing status of TN versus network status of TN
• Problems with correct Customer Status - Active vs. Inactive are marked as Inactive (bills are only issued to Active Customers)
• Software bug incorrectly causing new call plan changes to be effectively backdated, thereby either undercharging the customer (and leaking revenue) or overcharging the customer (and causing extra calls to customer service, thereby increasing Operational Costs)

DataLinx Solution
Initial case study documentation and sample data was provided by the Client which was converted into an Initial Model over a two week period. A joint 3-day session between the team and the Client’s billing and switching SMEs was held at which the combined team formulated additional business rules to process the data.

Over the following two week period additional data files were requested and processed based on the output from the joint session, and blended financial costing information was collected by the client and added to the model.

The output of the model and sample data sets was documented and presented in a robust web-based GUI.

A walk-though of the delivered Proof of Concept with the Client Core Team was performed and final tweaks to the presentation were done as requested and shared with all Stakeholders.

• Recommendations were made for auto-correction to match unbilled lines in switches with inactive lines in billing by applying a “Fat Finger” algorithm
• Usage Validation: Studies of usage records from the switch identified buckets of types of usage (Local, IntraLata, InterLata, Collect, Local DA, InterLata DA, InterNANP, International, etc.) for comparison against telephone number to accurately reflect usage revenue lost from unbilled lines
• Operational Reporting: A Timing Study was done to determine the minimum, median, and mode durations for each Work Order Type to identify Operational Areas for Improvement

Total Time from Initial Contact to Final POC Delivery: 5 weeks

Financial Results:
• > $ 350,000 / month RevEx can be recaptured
• > $ 30,000 / Month NetEx could be recovered

• ROI: > 600%