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Case Study: WorkForce Management Market Analysis

A National ILEC

The ILEC was looking to build their strategy and business case for developing Next Generation Workforce Management capabilities.

DataLinx Solution
DataLinx proposed a capability analysis be done including a survey of leading Dispatch Systems and Solutions being offered in the market today.

This market evaluation was structured and performed as follows:
• An industry scan of the WFM market vendors was done and a short list of leading vendors compiled.
• DataLinx developed an evaluation methodology along with comprehensive analysis criteria that was compiled into a RFI questionnaire and distributed to the WFM vendors.
• The compilation of vendor responses and marketing material followed along with in depth and comparative analysis of the vendors individual Business, Operational, Functional, Technical, and Next Generation capabilities.
• On-site meetings and functionality demonstrations were performed with each vendor to better grasp the practical aspects of the key Dispatch Systems functionality, the strategy and vision from the vendor point of view, as well as to do a validation of capabilities.

A confidential report was prepared and presented to our customer’s Senior Management team. The report included an executive summary and detailed analysis of the Business, Operational, Functional, Technical, and Next Generation direction for each vendor as well as within the WFM industry as a whole. This information was captured and presented in a manner that enabled our customer to make clear comparisons of the key WFM enabling factors which ultimately enabled their WFM strategy and business case activities.


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