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Case Study: WorkForce Management Evaluation

A Major ILEC

DataLinx was selected to perform a complete process and system gap analysis of the current WorkForce Management and operations processes for identifying inefficiencies and opportunities for improvements.

DataLinx Solution
Gap identification in functionality or system flows with corresponding process risk
Operation reviews in both centers and field organizations
High level implementation options (risk mitigation approaches)
Systems inventory, interfaces and key data elements affected
Business and Operational impacts of identified risks
New and/or Updated Process Flows
New and/or Updated System Flows and Use Cases
Systems Architecture and Integration Roadmap
Cost/Benefit Analysis and ROU developed
System requirements identified and RFP developed

After an in-depth analysis of the ILECs current systems, DataLinx was able to provide them with a plan that offered $40 million dollars in projected annual savings. The final report included clearly defined operational improvements resulting in significant KPI (Key Performance Indicators) efficiencies. To help make the transition to the new processes and systems smooth and successful, business support for key initiatives addressing the identified gaps was provided to the ILEC by DataLinx.

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