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Case Study: Advanced Services Delivery

A Major ILEC

The customer engaged DataLinx to help them to improve DSL customer care and service delivery processes.

DataLinx Solution
Strategic System Platform (SSP) initiative focused on defining and implementing an efficient and evolutionary BSS / OSS and Customer Care architecture to support automation and flow-through of ordering, provisioning, billing and maintenance of DSL, National Fast Packet Data, ISP (including WiFi) and IP services.

DataLinx supports this initiative as follows:
Develop a “Knowledge Base” for the AS-IS systems and process architecture
- Develop end-to-end systems architecture
- Develop a Systems Dictionary to provide functional and software data for each system
- Develop a comprehensive “interface Matrix” showing the interaction among the various systems
Assist in development of TO-BE systems and process architecture
- Develop and document consolidated systems architecture plan
- Identify and specify “Golden Sources” of data (e.g. Product Catalog)
- Assist in development of a system migration plan from AS-IS to TO-BE architecture
Support the Change Control Process
- Asses the impact of Change Request on the overall systems architecture

DataLinx professionals were able to develop a solution that reduced the number of systems from 54 to 19 resulting in OSS TCO savings of $30 to $40 million. Also significantly, a 12% to 20% reduction in churn, and 60% increase in the speed of new product introductions will result in millions in savings annually. Increased automation and self-service plans have resulted in yearly reductions in OPEX.

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