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The DataLinx CRM practice focuses on the capability of the enterprise to react in real time. We enable our customers to become a Real Time Enterprise (RTE) through our products and services. Our CRM products, Mobile Applications, expertise in Enterprise Architecture and deep understanding of customer care issues work together as enablers for RTE.

DataLinx has developed ‘iVIEW’, a customer care application which helps businesses get an Instant View of their interactions and transactions with their customers. iVIEW dramatically increases the organization’s accountability to the customer by enabling Real-Time view to the customer’s intranet users, internet users and mobile users.

iView provides these benefits:
Improved Customer Relationship Management by automating the management of customer issue follow-up using Instant Alerts.
Customer Care Center productivity measurement and visibility improved by providing Instant Views of employee and team progress.
Tight integration of existing automated and manual processes.
Management of User/Team Incidents, Obligations and Transaction Histories.
SLA/Timeframes based resolution and escalation of Customer Issues.


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