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Systems Health Check: Streamline Service Delivery

New IP services mean new revenues and ideally, more satisfied, loyal customers. Getting complex new services to customers rapidly and at a low cost requires efficient operational and systems capabilities. However, over time, existing operations can become inefficient due to the repetitive and well established processes used to provide products and services. In order to streamline these processes and speed up service delivery, an outside view is required.

DataLinx can help with a “Health Check” assessment of the service delivery processes and systems in order to:

• Evaluate relative capability as compared to industry peer
• Identify specific capability gaps
• Determine a prioritized set of actionable improvement options
• Define measurable business benefits in alignment with strategic planning with specific focus on:

—› OpEx improvement by driving order flow-through and increased customer self-service and overall efficiency of labor utilization
—› Supporting revenue growth through enhanced order fulfillment cycles which improves time to cash
—› Providing the ability to measure and manage business operations effectively through timely metrics collection, enabling Executive Dashboards and real-time management of available products

• Provide analysis of potential alternative solutions and their effectiveness to address identified gaps and offer specific and actionable recommendations
—› Specifically this will include analysis of using other available solutions as systems in planned or proposed Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS) future plans

DataLinx uses its Discover, Analysis, Recommend and Translate (DART) methodology for Service Delivery Health Checks. This methodology has been proven through use for over a decade in large-scale Telecom projects. DART focuses on those Service Delivery processes and related metrics that have maximum impact on business results. A Health Check will allow us to help you:

- Streamline processes
- Eliminate manual steps
- Improve OpEx
- Improve Revenues


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