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Project Fulfillment

We don't just strategize and consult with our clients on what needs to be done. We take it to the next level and put our ideas into action to help get the job done. Depending on the sourcing strategy of our client and the maturity level of the applications/projects, we recommend the appropriate delivery model to fulfill all project needs. This practice feeds the implementation needs of all the other practice areas in which we work as well as any customer specific needs.

Our consultants have the ability to implement technologies from a practical perspective along with the business acumen to advise you on how to use them to improve the way you do business. Our expertise runs the gamut of new and existing systems, from legacy applications to wireless web.

DataLinx will make Project Fulfillment work for you by:
Achieving maximum staffing ROI
Maintaining peak productivity with a flexible work force
Ensuring a transparent blending of skills and culture between staff and contingency labor
Leveraging industry leading technology professionals to perfectly balance response and control
Drawing from a seemingly endless supply of experienced and thoroughly tested individuals