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BILLING AND OSS WORLD: DataLinx Takes Wraps Off Push2Test
By Tara Seals
Posted on: 05/07/2004


DataLinx was showing its yet-to-be-released service-assurance product for residential networks and broadband applications, Push2Test, at Billing and OSS World 2004 this week. Although the solution will be targeted for service providers, it takes service assurance to the consumer by allowing users to self-test home networks and IP applications in the event of a problem.

Since residential users with home networks are faced with a multiprovider environment consisting of a broadband provider, often IP phone, gateway and router vendors, and applications providers, the non-technical customer often has no idea where a service failure initiates. Push2Test software shows users the different applications and elements (broadband connection, Wi-Fi gateway, etc.) that make up their home-area network. When something goes wrong the user can trigger the software out with a click of the mouse to test each element to see if itís working properly. The system includes an automatically generated graphical representation of the network.

By allowing users to isolate the issue themselves, service call volume goes down for the operators, since calls are made only to the right culprit. Service calls are thus prequalified. Meanwhile, the consumer benefits from access to a multivendor troubleshooting engine, which the service provider can use as a customer service differentiator.

DataLinx expects to officially announce the product at SUPERCOMM 2004.

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