DataLinx's Push2Test Tool for Home Networks Enables Service Providers to Streamline VoIP Activation and Troubleshooting

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CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 22, 2004--

New Tool Reduces Costly Service Calls and Puts Power in the Hands of
the Consumer

DataLinx Corporation, a professional services company and developer of innovative OSS tools, today announced Push2Test, a Home Network Management system for broadband application services including VoIP, which enables service providers to put self activation and diagnostic capabilities in the hands of their subscribers. The system provides the tools to quickly and efficiently activate broadband services and to troubleshoot and isolate service affecting issues, thereby reducing costly troubleshooting time. DataLinx will give demonstrations of Push2Test at SUPERCOMM in the Ten Hottest Technologies Pavilion booth #13511B.
Push2Test (P2T) addresses the growing broadband home networking market by simplifying initial set-up, monitoring functionality, diagnosing problems and empowering the subscriber to solve them. The results are then shared with the service provider. By allowing service providers to see the problem from the customer perspective, less time is spent trying to diagnose a problem over the phone or dispatching a technician to find the problem. This results in reduced Support Center calls and increased customer satisfaction.
"VoIP and home networking are ready to take off with the general public," said Bill Dorsey, Director of Advanced Network Services at DataLinx. "As broadband moves into mass adoption, newer subscribers will be less experienced with computers and the Internet, and service providers will have to stop talking about IP Addresses, DHCP, Network Address Translation and Port Forwarding. To the vast majority of consumers this represents a foreign language. More tools are needed that buffer the consumer from the technical requirements of new broadband applications."
Push2Test consists of two software packages that optionally interact with each other. The client software runs on a PC located in the subscriber's home network. The server side software runs on a host located at the service provider data center. Push2Test performs the following tasks:

-- Performs automated Home Network Configuration for Broadband Service offering
-- Performs discovery of home networking elements
-- Performs Subscriber initiated broadband application service testing
-- Identifies faults and recommends remedy actions
-- Pushes fault information and diagnostic test results to Service Provider
-- Allows for customizable Service Provider value adds such as Discovery and inventory of Service Provider CPE

About DataLinx

DataLinx was founded in 1992 and delivers full-service IT capabilities and operationally viable integrated solutions emphasizing open technology, speed to market and business flexibility. DataLinx's corporate headquarters are located in Tarrytown, NY, with additional offices located in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, and Canada. For further information visit DataLinx at


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