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Network Capacity Planning

Do your network planners spend a lot of time creating network orders? Do you know the trunk capacity of your network? Do you know how much trunk capacity is used and how much is available for use? Does your network management software provide you with a means to accurately predict where, when, and to what degree you should be proactively downgrading, reallocating or upgrading your network trunk capacity? DataLinx can help you answer YES to all of these questions with our Network Capacity Planning products.

Infrastructure Planning
Network Capacity Engineers and system users must be able to view current planned capacity and make adjustments separate from provisioning systems at the front-end but integrated at the backend.

DataLinx has developed netCAP, an infrastructure capacity planning and engineering tool with order generation and management functions, for network engineers who maintain large scale heterogeneous networks.

netCAP enables network managers to enter and track network infrastructure orders while providing them an up-to-the-minute view of the interoffice planned and in-effect network capacity. This up-to-date inventory view is of critical importance to capacity planners who need to make fine adjustments to the capacity, planned or in-effect, of large networks without being encumbered by typical provisioning systems real-time inaccuracies.

netCAP supports:
Logical decoupling of the order entry of planned capacity from the actual provisioning process
Complex transactions network orders
Integration with backend provisioning systems such as Lucent Actiview/OM OSS using CORBA

Application Support
DataLinx provides Tier-2 and Tier-3 support on a 24/7 basis, on-site and off-site, with most of the support provided off-site with strict SLA’s. The system availability requirements are 23/6.5. The support functions include application and systems troubleshooting, database configuration, application configuration and OS configuration support. All trouble reports are tracked by automated ticket tracking tools, which DataLinx maintains at its off-site location in New York. We also provide off-site support by recreating the environment in our facilities at Tarrytown, New York.