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The SimplyOn™ Integration Platform architecture is designed to fulfill your customer care, billing, product management and integration requirements. It offers you design choices based on your business needs, technical standards and desired cost points including:
• Ability to interchange architectural components without affecting overall functionality of the platform. For example, you may choose to “plug-in” DataLinx' open technology business applications, third party best-of-breed applications (licensed or ASP), or your existing in-house applications (to protect your IT investment). You may also choose from several middleware alternatives.
• Ability to integrate application logic and data to provide a seamless information view to users
• Ability to customize the presentation layer to satisfy the specific needs and constraints of your business and users without disruption to the application layer.

The SimplyOn™ IP service architecture is designed to support quick integration of network services to help your company generate additional revenues. SimplyOn IP enables you to quickly integrate these services into your operations. Furthermore, SimplyOn IP enables automated flow through billing and provisioning for on-net services. Automated off-net flow through is achieved using our DataLinx' network service connectors.

SimplyOn IP™ includes the following features:
Transaction brokering for multi-application processing
Enterprise application connectors
Network service connectors